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Voted Best Karate School in Butler

Voted Best Karate School in Butler in the 2014 Butler Eagle Reader's Choice Awards. Enjoy a free class on us and come see why!
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Taekwondo is an exciting and powerful martial art known for its dynamic kicking and hand techniques. We train our students to the best of their ability level, from children to adults, whether you are in top shape and looking to add a new twist to your fitness routine, or are out of shape looking to improve your physical fitness, balance & coordination. We offer a variety of class times with a flexible schedule. Classes are arranged by age and ability level. Call to schedule a complimentary class 724-283-5999 or try our new online class scheduling. We offer New Student Sessions 6 times per year. Classes fill up fast, reserve your spot now! Click Here to Schedule.

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  Weather Cancelation Policy 

In the event of inclement weather, we post of cancelations at the top of this page and on our Facebook Page. We will also sent out an email and text alert for the students who are signed up to recieve them. Emails and phone numbers are kept confidential and only used for our mailing and texdt alert services.

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  20 Great Reasons for Kids to Try Taekwondo 
  1. Improved ability to focus and concentrate - Taekwondo uses tremendous amounts of focus to learn how to perform techniques, aim for targets and retain balance.
  2. Better grades in school - Along with improved focus and concentration comes improved performance. Students find it easier to pay attention and be respectful in school. 
  3. More self confidence - Each student progresses at their own rate. Success is measured on how much they improve, not a standard bar. The "I can do it!" attitude improves with each belt.
  4. Higher self esteem - Earning stripes and achieving each belt level gives children a sense of pride and accomplishment that overflows into all areas of their lives. 
  5. Improved physical fitness - Students are encouraged to attend two or more times per week. Classes are packed with fun physical activities that keep kids motivated and moving. Practice at home is also encouraged. 
  6. Great body awareness and control - Taekwondo develops a strong sense of control which is measured as students progress through the ranks and begin sparring and advanced activity drills. Students who train in martial arts develop a keen awareness of how long their arms and legs are and how to properly control them.    
  7. More respect for self and others - Students learn from day one that a good Black Belt Attitude involves keeping our hands and feet to ourselves and treating others how we would like to be treated. 
  8. More self-discipline - Students are expected to answer yes sir/yes ma'am to all commands and behave like Black Belts at all times. Discipline is not punishment, it's learning right from wrong and how to choose to do what is right. 
  9. Become more responsible - Students are responsible to remember to bring all of their gear and equipment to class as well as complete their monthly theme worksheet.
  10. Able to physically defend themselves as a last resort - Karate Kids Rule #1 is to always keep our hands and feet to ourselves, unless we're in danger. Children learn the difference between being picked on, or being in danger and what to do in each situation. No one is ever allowed to hurt us physically or take us some place we know we aren't supposed to go. 
  11. Develop the habit of Goal Setting - Goal setting is so important in order to get what you want in life. Learn how to set a S.M.A.R.T. goal to make reaching your targets in life even easier. 
  12. Positive outlet for energy - Children have loads of energy that need to be channeled into positive activities. Taekwondo teaches children how to use that energy to empower themselves, while using their good control to keep extra energy in check. 
  13. Excellent character education program - Character is all the positive traits that make up a person. Taekwondo teaches focus, discipline, respect, loyalty, perseverance, integrity, self esteem and more!
  14. Make new friends in a positive environment - Kids classes are always filled with friendly faces. Although Taekwondo is an individual sport, there are also activities in class where students get to be partners or even be on teams. Students are encouraged to learn how to work independently as well as in a group. 
  15. Great self-control - Students learn to have self-control physically to work together with partners without getting hurt, but also mentally too. The road to black belt isn't always easy and students are reminded of positive ways to channel their frustration if their path becomes tough! 
  16. More able to handle pressure in every day life - In class we learn that it's okay if you don't get everything right on the first try and that mistakes are necessary to learn. Children learn to apply this in other parts of life as well as they progress through the rank system. 
  17. Able to be calmer in the face of conflict - From bullying to arguments with siblings, instructors emphasize using words rather than actions whenever possible and the importance of thinking before we act.    
  18. Less likely to fight in school - Black Belts don't start fights. Karate Kid Rule #1 is to keep our hands and feet to ourselves, even when some one is bothering or bullying us. Students learn that to be a Black Belt, you must find other ways to handle situations. 
  19. Learn leadership skills - Our Leadership Program teaches kids public speaking skills as well as confidence and strong character. Junior Leaders are encouraged to help out with lower ranking classes to practice their leadership skills.
  20. Become a Black Belt in martial arts, and a Black Belt in life - A Black Belt isn't just something you wear, its something that you become. Black Belts are patient, focused, goal driven and confident people who try to help others.
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April Theme
In Education

Blue Star Worksheets
Ages 4-6 Click Here
Ages 7 & Above Click Here

  • Pepperoni Roll Sale
    (benefits Cancer Survivors at the BRFL)
    March 31st - April 7th
    Order yours at the front counter! Pickup day will be Monday, April 14th!

  • Friday Night Fun!
    Kids Combat Bahng Mahng EE
    Ages 7-10
    April 4th   8-9pm

  • Friday Night Fun!
    Adult Combat Bahng Mahng EE
    Ages 11 & Up
    April 11th   8-9pm

  • ATA T-Shirt Day!
    April 12th
    Wear your favorite ATA T-Shirt to class instead of your uniform top and belt and earn a silver star!

  • Pepperoni Roll Pickup
    April 14th
    After 4pm.

  • Happy Birthday Master Connell!
    April 16th

  • ATA T-Shirt Day!
    April 22nd
    Wear your favorite ATA T-Shirt to class instead of your uniform top and belt and earn a silver star!

  • April Testing
    April 23, 24 & 25th
    All Classes Cancelled

  • Regional Tournament
    Pickerington, OH
    April 26th
    All Classes Cancelled

  • New Student Session Begins
    April 28th - May 10th
    Looking to start classes? Call now or use our online scheduling to schedule a free class. Spaces are limited, so reserve your spot today!
    Click Here to Schedule.

  • Friday Night Fun!
    Ladies Only Sparring Class
    Ages 11 & Up
    May 2nd   8-9pm

  • April Make-Up Testing
    Saturday, May 3rd @ 3:30pm

    Additional fee applies to participate.

  • Friday Night Fun!
    Relaxing Stretch Class
    Ages 11 & Up
    May 9th   8-9pm

  • Kids Day America
    Butler Farm Show Grounds
    May 17th
    Demo Team Performance TBA

  • Teen/Adult Go Kart Outing
    Eracers Go Kart Park
    May 18th
    Ages 13 & Up
    Students & Parents all invited to attend! Sign up at the front counter!

  • Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend!
    May 24 & 26th

  • District Championships
    June 7th
    Lancaster, PA
    All Classes Cancelled

  • Relay for Life
    June 7 & 8th
    Butler Farm Show Grounds
    Join our Team!

  • June Testing
    June 16, 17 & 18th
    All Classes Cancelled

  • Make-Up Testing
    Friday, June 20th at 8:00pm
    For students who miss their regular scheduled testing day/time.

    Additional fee applies to participate.

  • New Student Session Begins
    June 19th - July 3rd
    Looking to start classes? Call now or use our online scheduling to schedule a free class. Spaces are limited, so reserve your spot today!
    Click Here to Schedule.

  • Happy Independence Day!
    July 4 & 5th

  • World Championships
    July 7th-13th
    Little Rock, AR

  • Alameda Outdoor Discovery Day Demo Team Performance
    Thursday, July 24th at 6:30pm
    Masonic Shelter

  • Summer Camp
    August 4-7th

  • August Testing
    August 11,12 & 13
    All Classes Cancelled

  • Make-Up Testing
    Friday, August 15th at 8:00pm
    For students who miss their regular scheduled testing day/time.

    Additional fee applies to participate.

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