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Karate Kids Coloring Pages!

Click on the picture you would like to color. The picture will open in a new window. Click your browser's PRINT button (or go to "File" and then "print") and you are all set! Coloring Pages are not for Victory patch Stars, they are just for fun, although the instructors always love to see student art work if you would like to show us anyway! More coloring pictures coming soon!

Karate Dog

Karate Monkey Karate Kanagaroo

Karate Cat

  color_bow.gif (16081 bytes) 
 Karate Dude Korean Design Karate Uniform  Taekwondo Bow
color_grand_master_dot.gif (11035 bytes) color_kick_punch.gif (14513 bytes) color_practice.gif (14235 bytes)
Grand Master
Kick & Punch!

Taekwondo Practice

Save The Earth


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