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Double Wrap Belt Tying Instructions  
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Begin by finding the center of the belt by folding it equally in half.


The Rank Stripe, or high stripe shown pictured first should start on the student’s left side. Decided rank Tiny Tigers will have an animal patch, shown second instead of a rank stripe.


Knowledge stripes (shown to the right), or the stripes placed closer to the edge of the belt should begin on the student’s right side under their ATA Patch.

Holding the center of the belt on the student’s stomach, wrap the right side (knowledge stripe side) around the waist first, then place the left side (rank stripe side) on top and wrap around waist.

Take the rank stripe side (which should be wrapped on top) and tuck it underneath the knowledge stripe side and center of the belt to hold all pieces of the belt firmly together.

Cross both sides of the belt to make an “X” shape. Take the bottom side (knowledge stripe side) and bring it up and then down through the opening in your “X”. Pull firmly and twist belt ends downward to finish knot.

Finished belts should end with rank stripe on the right side of the uniform under the ATA patch and knowledge stripes on the left side of the uniform. Both ends of the belt should be equal.

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