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ATA Tigers Oath

Recite at the Beginning and End of Class


To Be a Good Person
(Right hand raised, supported by left)

Knowledge in My Mind
(Point to head)

Honesty in My Heart

(Hand over heart)

Strength in My Body

(Point to muscle)

Make Good Friends

(Right hand extended to shake)

Obey My Parents

(Arms circle to sides)

And Behave Like a Black Belt

(Tug on Belt)

Sir/ Ma'am!


"Ara" (AH-rah) means "of the sea."
He is shy, sweet, and innocent.

Ara is a shy turtle. Before joining the Tiger classes, he usually just stayed in his shell. Now he is making new friends and loves to do his Forms nice and slow. His favorite move is a knife hand strike.



"Baeoh" (BAY-oh) means "flying tiger."

He is fun, outgoing, and is a good friend to have.

Baeoh is the funniest Tiger ever. He has a big heart and loves to laugh. He is everyone's friend but sometimes lacks confidence. His favorite move is a side kick.


"Cheeri" (CHEER-ee) means "to defend."
he is smart, strict, and very hard on herself.

Cheeri is the hardest worker in the class. Even though she always makes straight As, she is always trying hard to get better, maybe sometimes too hard. Her favorite move is a round kick.



"Raon" (RAY-on) means "active."

He is athletic, strong, and competitive.

Raon is the biggest one in Tiger class. He is very strong and a great athlete. Although he always means well, and sometimes he leaps before he looks. His favorite move is the reverse punch.



"Suri" (SIR-ee) means "eagle."

He is self-concious about his size; he works very hard and is eager to please.

Suri comes from a big family of big eagles. He is small for his age and sometimes tries to act bigger than he really is. He always goes too fast, but is working on slowing down. His favorite move is a jump front kick.


"Choa" (CHO-ah) means "light the world."

She is pretty, outgoing, and stronger than she gives herself credit for.

Choa is a rare phoenix. She is very pretty and likes it when the other animals do things for her. She is learning to do things for herself, and when she does, she is awesome. Her favorite move is a double knife hand block.


"Mir" (MEER) means "dragon."

He is intelligent, a little nerdy, and loyal.

Mir is a super smart dragon. He might not be the most coordinated, but he tries really hard. He is learning to control his strength. His favorite move is a spinning hook kick.



"Narsha" (NAR-sha) means "flying high."

She has a strong will, is self-confident, and determined.

Narsha is the nicest cobra you ever wanted to meet. Even though she doesn't have any arms or legs, she is one of the best Tigers in the class. She always works hard but keeps a smile on her face. Her favorite move is a tail strike.


"Baron" (ba-ROON) means "right."

He is a born leader, physically and mentally fit, and sometimes leans toward being too serious.

Baron is the highest rank in the Tiger class. He is a great leader, he just doesn't know it yet. He is always willing to help. His favorite move is a palm strike.


How do ATA Tigers move up to Karate Kids Classes?

Although the ATA Tiger Program is designed for ages 4-6, there is no set age at which students move up to the big kids classes. The main difference between Karate Kids and ATA Tigers is the amount of memorization and independent work required of students. When our Instructors observe Tigers who are showing strong signs of memorization and independence in class, we may suggest having your child move up to the Karate Kids Classes when they test for the 3rd Level of the rank they are on..

Do ATA Tigers start over at White Belt when they move up to Karate Kids Classes?

No! ATA Tigers train using the same techniques the big kids use. ATA Tigers will move up to the Karate Kids Classes when they are ready on the third level of the rank they are on, as that same color in the older kids class. So a Yellow Belt Tiger will move up as a Yellow Belt Decided Karate Kid.

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