ATA Official Combat Gloves

ATA Official Combat Gloves


These gloves are used for an optional type of sparring called Combat Sparring, where students use special weapons to spar instead of kicks and punches. The gloves have an open palm to make it easier for students to grip their Combat weapon as well as thicker padding on the hand and knuckles, which are a common striking target.

The NEW Official ATA Combat Gloves, constructed of all leather, are adorned with the "ATA Martial Arts Official Product" stamp and offer extra durability for those long matches. Quality construction makes them easier to put on and remove. Available in youth and adult sizes.

Please Note: Some of our in stock sizes are white instead of red. ATA updated colors recently. If we are out of your size we will special order it. Special orders will all be red.


Only for sale for students of Master Connell's ATA Taekwondo Center in Butler, PA. If you attend another ATA school, please contact your Instructor for purchase options.