Beginner Starter Package

Beginner Starter Package


Everything you need to get started in Taekwondo!


A cinch bag with extra zipper pocket to carry your everything you need when you come to class, one or both of the training weapons you will need and your own ATA T-Shirt to wear to class on ATA T-Shirt Days or anywhere since it is so stylish!

ATA Cinch Bag can hold both training weapons and students shoes when they come in for class. Youth students can also attach their Bag Tag to it!


*Please note, Sparring Hand Pads are no longer included in this package.

ATA T-Shirt may be selected from any of the in stock designs we have at the time of sign up and may not be the exact one pictured. Students may select their size and style t-shirt when they pick up their starter package.


Beginner students alternate between two different training weapons in their training. Instructors will give you the weapon we are currently working on in class if you choose the 1 weapon package or will include both weapons if you choose the 2 weapon package.


Only for sale for students of Master Connell's ATA Taekwondo Center in Butler, PA. If you attend another ATA school, please contact your Instructor for purchase options.