Practice Tournament

Practice Tournament


Join us for a fun way to practice competition with your classmates! Only $10 and you can try as many events as you like! Instructors will explain how each part of competition works and answer questions as we go! All students encouraged to attend! Don't miss out, this is the only Practice Tournament we will be offering this year!


Friday, September 10th
4:45pm - ATA Tigers
5:15pm - White, Orange & Yellow Belt Karate Kids

6:15pm - Camo through Brown Belt Karate Kids
7:15pm - Red through Black Belt Karate Kids & All Teens/Adults

  • Competition Events

    If signing up online, you can send us a message to let us know which events you would like to compete in. If you aren't sure, the Instructors recommend competing in all of the Traditional events and will help you decide!

    Traditional Forms
    Traditional Sparring (or One-Steps for White, Orange & Yellow Belts)
    Traditional Weapons
    Combat Bahng Mahng EE Sparring
    Creative Forms
    Creative Weapons
    Xtreme Forms
    Xtreme Weapons