Rebreakable Boards

Rebreakable Boards


We do not carry this item in stock, but we can order it for you! We normally place orders once per Testing Cycle with items arriving shortly before Testing.


The rebreakable boards are used for Brown Belts & above. Designed to simulate the size and feel of real wooden boards. Each board consists of two identical halves that snap together, providing consistent breaks. Embossed with the ATA logo on the board.


Color Breakdown we use in class:

White: Age 4

Yellow: Ages 5-6
Orange: Ages 7-8

Green: Ages 9-11

Blue/Green: Ages 12-15 (Each color must be purchased seperately)
Blue: Ages 16 & 17 for Males / Ages 16 & Up for Females
Brown: Ages 18 & up for Males

We include a free in person private lesson with the purchase of a rebreakable board. It is highly recommended that your adult board holder learn the correct way to hold your board prior to practicing at home to avoid injuries.


Only for sale for students of Master Connell's ATA Taekwondo Center in Butler, PA. If you attend another ATA school, please contact your Instructor for purchase options.