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Black Belt Club Patch – This triangular patch should be placed on the left sleeve just below the shoulder seam. The patch should rest above the elbow when the uniform is worn.


ATA Patch –This patch should be placed on the right lapel, slightly higher than where a shirt pocket would reside.


Do not use regular bleach on uniforms with patches. They will discolor!


Never wash belts. Students should treat their uniform and belt with care and respect. Most uniforms are 100% cotton and should be washed in cold water to prevent shrinking. Use care with your detergent or stain remover usage to prevent patch discoloration. Take care to remove uniforms from the dryer promptly or hang dry to prevent wrinkles and iron if necessary. Use caution with irons around back decal and Victory Patches.


Your current rank belt should never touch the floor until you earn a new rank at Testing. It’s your job to keep it in good condition and clean until you earn your next belt!


For safety reasons, all jewelry should be removed prior to the beginning of class including earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings (adult students may wear a wedding ring, see an Instructor for safety precautions). 


Students with long hair should pull it back prior to the start of class.


Don’t Sew? See an Instructor for information about our recommended seamstress service. You can leave your uniform here for alteration and pick it back up here the following week!

Printable Patch Placement Instructions



New students will receive a light weight uniform, called a dobok when they join. Uniforms can feel stiff and boxy right out of their packaging, but once washed will become much softer and more relaxed. If your uniform is too long in the sleeves or pant legs, roll them under so that the roll is not visible. A few tack stitches to hold rolls in place is recommended, so they do not come undone during class. Tacking up the extra length also allows for it to be let back down as a student grows. Sleeves should reach to the bend of the wrist and pants should touch the top of the foot.

Female students are required to wear a plain white t-shirt or tank top under their dobok top. Males are not required to wear a shirt under their uniform, but should they choose to do so, the shirt must be white. No other clothing other than undergarments should be worn under uniforms.

The right side of the student's uniform top should be brought across the chest first, then the left side over top and then tied in place. If tied correctly, the student should be able to place their right hand in the "pocket" of their dobok.

Drawstrings on dobok pants always go in the front, regardless of where the inside size tag is located.


Once students join the Black Belt Club and become a full member at our school, they will receive their uniform patches. Patches should be sewn on prior to the student's first Testing for new rank. Patches are NOT iron on and do require sewing. We highly recommend lining up the patches for placement while the student is wearing the uniform with tape or safety pins before sewing them in place. That way the patches will appear in the correct location when the uniform is worn.


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